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Brand Design

Web, Logo, and Graphic Design with insight into your customer's reaction, both visually and emotionally.

Your Brand Design Should Truly Reflect You

    • Is your business going well but the you aren’t sure your visuals reflect that success?
    • Is your business due for a bit of a makeover or a transformation?
    • Are you searching for a better understanding and a better visual representation of what you feel your business means to your customers and to yourself?
    • Have you tried the “do it yourself” route but faced tons of frustration or simply decided your time is more valuable than that?

These are the sorts of needs I am looking to serve with Brilliant Blue Designs.  

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Your brand has a personality – and that personality should fit it’s logo and overall identity.  I can help you refine and transform your overall brand design to match the personality you want to portray to your customers to better attract your target customers. 

Web Design & Design Refresh

Your website is your online shopfront for your business, even if you are not an e-commerce business.  If you do not have an office, consider it your office.  Does your office appear the way you want it to?  Would you like some help redecorating? 

Graphic & Print Design

Print marketing materials such as flyers,  brochures, business cards – all your marketing collateral –  and digital solutions such as social media event banners, social media graphic templates.  I can help you make sure your visuals are consistently beautiful and on brand.  

Jamie Thomson Brand Consultant and Designer Brilliant Blue Designs

Brand Consultation

Sometimes you actually aren’t ready for the design work just yet- and that’s okay too.  Having trouble figuring out the ins and outs of naming your company, defining your niche, figuring out your target audience, or refining your brand voice?  Schedule a consultation with me today and we can figure out how to get you started.

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Transforming the Everyday to the Extraordinary

Your success is my success at Brilliant Blue Designs. My name is Jamie Thomson, PsyD and I started Brilliant Blue Designs in 2012.  I know that creating and refining your brand and website is intensely personal.  My aim is to make that journey smoother and help you bring your vision to life.

Meeting with a designer should be pleasant (maybe even fun), and I want you to feel like your business is being understood.  Every business story is unique, and I really love hearing what formula went into creating yours – it’s one of the very best parts of this job! Change is intimidating and sometimes scary, but what if the excitement and enjoyment was the bigger, better part?

Want to learn more about Brilliant Blue Designs’ story and philosophy?

What Do my Customers say?

Gary Haas
Gary Haas@garythemadhatter
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I am now spoiled by how quickly Brilliant Blue Designs responds to my requests both in answering my questions and updating my web site.
Laura Houmes
Laura Houmes@metaplasticbreastcancerglobal
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The Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance has been able to advance our Global efforts due to the support and professionalism offered by Jamie at Brilliant Blue Designs.
William Coates
William Coates@offshorerisk
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We prefer to work with small, efficient and personal businesses and that would be Brilliant Blue Designs! 
Ken Brown
Ken Brown@LakeConnected
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Jamie and Brilliant Blue Designs are very professional and work well with what you want to accomplish.  Work is completed in a timely manner and the result was and still is what I wanted. 
Patrick Mammay
Patrick Mammay@TheTrainersTableSpringdale
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Jamie is fantastic to work with and after a brief description of my business and what I am trying to convey to customers, she created a logo that I consistently get compliments on. I used it on my website and all marketing material including shirts, which seem to be very popular. The website far surpassed my expectations as well.


This is a small sample of what I have done for customers.  Follow the link to see a more in depth case study analysis on some of the projects. More case studies coming soon! (just give me time to write them!) 

Hey, I get it.  Sometimes shopping around is painful and you just want to get to the bottom line.  I have a handy introduction interview right here online to help speed the process of getting down to work exactly for that reason.  It may seem like a lot of questions at first – but it helps speed up that initial meeting and the work process itself.  Ready to give that a try?  Just click the link below and get started.