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Partnership is the best design

Welcome to Brilliant Blue Designs, your source for all your digital marketing and web design needs. Brilliant Blue Designs empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs to discover who they are.  I am dedicated to delivering the very best of digital marketing and website design and maintenance, with a focus on individual service, clear communication, and cutting through the self-doubt.  Brilliant Blue Designs will deliver a brilliant picture of your brand so you can focus on the true work of building your business and launching your business journey.

Founded in 2012 by Jamie Thomson, Brilliant Blue Designs has come a long way from its beginnings as a single referral.  Jamie started as a web designer under DigiDonkey Web Design in Cocoa Village, and Brilliant Blue Designs is excited to continue to working with these customers.  Brilliant Blue Designs now serves customers all over Florida, Michigan and the rest of the United States, and are thrilled to be a part of the online design industry. Brilliant Blue Designs is actively building connections with professionals in the digital and marketing arenas to increase our ability to offer the very best services to our customers.

Brilliant Blue Designs' Core Values


My customers rely on me to help them gain insight into their company and refine their vision, as well as to develop my own vision regarding their needs.


Clear communication, regular feedback, and transparent process lead to a more successful process for designer and customer – this is the very core of partnership.


Insight, gained through training in psychology, marketing, and design are the strongest tools in my toolbox and are used in every job, big or small.


My customers don’t come to me for small changes they could accomplish themselves, they want a true transformation.

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Who I Am

Woman with blue hair in a galaxy scarf standing in a hallway looking off to the side smiling
Jamie Thomson, Psy. D.
Founder & Brand Designer

Brand Consulting Services

Brand Personality Designer and Consultant

I am a brand designer and consultant with a vision to transform brand identities for companies and entrepreneurs using psychology informed design and brand development.

Formerly a practicing clinical psychologist, a journey of self discovery led me to my true calling of visual and digital design.  Now I combine my knowledge of design and my knowledge of psychology into a deeper offering for my customers. It really is the best of both worlds!

Through my brand design company, Brilliant Blue Designs, I have guided companies and entrepreneurs through the brand discovery process, refining and realizing their brand vision.  Having moved from Florida to Detroit three years ago, many of my customers are Florida-based, but overall, my customers are far flung across the United States (the wonders of the internet!).

I have recently become a Business in Residence at the SheHive business office to have a home base for my  virtual travels and to focus on local development of Brilliant Blue Designs. As a bit of a nomad (I’m originally from Ohio…but I have lived in Australia, Virginia, Missouri, Florida and now Detroit), having a home base feels pretty amazing!  I am hard at work developing an exciting new program focusing more intensely on brand archetypes and how they translate into design and I am planning to launch this program in mid to late 2020. 

In my downtime, I spend time with my husband and teenage daughter and our two pugs and one cat.  As a college DJ in the ’90s, I always have time to check out live alternative music and I am forever listening to something new.   If I have any time left over, my nose is likely in a new fantasy book.

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