Brand Archetypes

What are Brand Archetypes?

Have you ever noticed certain themes in the characters you watch in movies and television or read about in books?  Have you seen similar themes repeated in popular culture and art?  

You’re noticing archetypes : a deeply symbolic and widely recognized character type that represents basic feelings and motivations. 

Our brains naturally want to take shortcuts to organize information – and archetypes, in essence, are an encapsulated short cut.  

Using brand personality archetypes to build a consistent brand

Why use archetypes when building a brand then?  People want an emotional connection when they purchase as much as they want products and services.  You want to make sure your audience connects strongly with your brand.   When a brand takes on the archetype,  your audience understands it – you are more likely to be consistent , authentic, and offer that emotional connection they are seeking.  It’s a way to help moderate the “gut feeling” the public gets about your brand with a consistent blueprint and plan.

Where did Brand Archetypes originate? 


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