Desert Jewel Esthetics – Skin Care Brand Design

The Customer

small business aEsthetics

Desert Jewel Esthetics is run by Tierre Anderson in Ahwatukee, Arizona near Phoenix.  It’s a salon offering full body waxing, skin care, and lash extensions. Women and men welcome. Healthy skin is beautiful skin! 


The Brief

Feminine and professional

Tierre was ready for a full brand makeover.  Being based in Arizona, a “desert jewel” is a succulent and she wanted it to feature prominently in logo and brand design.  Color choices needed to reflect luxury, peace, refreshment, and refinement.  The website, which had not resulted in very many online appointment bookings, needed to be clearly laid out to optimize customer conversion, product presentation, and ease of use.  

The Challenge

Standing out in a sea of pink

When most people think of salons, waxing, and estheticians, they think of the color pink. Take a cruise through Instagram and that’s a pretty immediate impression as well.  Pink and purple were not high on the list of choices when considering color palettes – which meant thinking a little outside the box of traditional branding.   Tierre was familiar with tools like Canva, so setting up templates consistent with her new branding would help her deliver on-brand social media posts outside of main advertising campaigns.  


Website before redesign esthetician


Website after redesign esthetician

The Results

A perfect Balance

Tierre has been one of my very favorite people to work with and she has been very quick to communicate feedback from customers about the ease they have in navigating and booking from the new site.  Together we have set up Canva templates for weekly Instagram posts consistent with her new brand image and we are working through her next year’s plan of targeted social media advertising focuses. 

“Jamie is very easy to work with! She makes sure to understand exactly what you want without the pressure or stress.” -Tierre Alexander

AT a Glance

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Info About COVID-19 Disruptions

important announcements

I am not currently working from my normal desk at the SheHive.  As an asthmatic, I will be working from home for the foreseeable future.  I am sharing my space and internet with my husband, teenage daughter, two needy pugs and a needy cat.  Availability will be affected.  In all likelihood, so will my productivity and maybe my sanity.  Yikes!  :) 

My normal office hours will be a loose guideline of when I am available.  Some days I may be available less due to circumstances beyond my control (internet,  most likely).  Thank you for your understanding in this time.  My evenings and weekends are busier than ever, and more chaotic.  I will not return phone calls until the next business day.  

Most normal contact me methods work- However, I will only be checking my mail in Ferndale about once a week or so.  If you need to mail something to me quicker (or need it to be signed for) please email me at [email protected] for my home address for a secure delivery.  Thank you!