MPBCGA NonProfit Organization

The Customer

Nonprofit organization for education and advocacy

Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance is run entirely by volunteers.  This grass-roots patient organization was started by a team of women, all diagnosed with metaplastic breast cancer, who are dedicated to helping to improve the outcome for all women in this community.

The mission of this alliance is to help consolidate knowledge and support research into Metaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast. This rare and aggressive form of breast cancer is often chemotherapy resistant and due to lack of treatment options is associated with a poor survival rate. By raising global awareness and supporting research the Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance will help advance more effective targeted treatment options and help save lives.

The Brief

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

The ladies at Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance came to Brilliant Blue for a logo redesign for printed materials in 2017.  They already had a website built on WordPress which needed some ongoing maintenance and fine tuning in a few places, and might need some additional pages or content in the future.  They needed a responsive, dependable web and graphic designer who could help them develop their non profit into a professional online and physical presence.   

As the organization has grown, so too has the needs and demands of the website.  Their site needs to be useful for both medical professionals and patients seeking information on metaplastic breast cancer.  It needs to be welcoming and professional.  It needs to be informative about both the organization and about the illness they are discussing the best treatment and research for.  Their call to action is both to gather donations and bring people in to their Facebook discussion and support groups.  Their focus is worldwide.    

The Challenge

Evolving challenges for an evolving organization

Perhaps the biggest challenges for this customer is the fact that the current goal is never truly the same as it was six months ago.  It is always important to take stock of where they are as an organization and make sure that their website truly does evolve as they do.  

An upcoming focus is to address how to best utilize their worldwide audience with the implementation of special global member focused pages – and how to best capture their global audience.  A strategy is being developed to approach this challenge in a more methodical manner than is currently being implemented on the site as it stands.  

The Results

Growth and change

I have been incredibly thrilled and proud to watch this group grow and branch out- and to play my own part in that growth. Together we have set up new international pages, grown the site’s audience (an increase in over 5000 page views in the past month actually!), and have streamlined the overall site design. I have assisted them in setting up a public facing Facebook page to connect with their private Facebook group to help increase their online presence. They have done the hard work of increasing their presence at conferences and in the groups.

“The Metaplastic Breast Cancer Global Alliance has been able to advance our Global efforts due to the support and professionalism offered by Jamie at Brilliant Blue Designs.” -Laura Houmes

AT a Glance

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Info About COVID-19 Disruptions

important announcements

I am not currently working from my normal desk at the SheHive.  As an asthmatic, I will be working from home for the foreseeable future.  I am sharing my space and internet with my husband, teenage daughter, two needy pugs and a needy cat.  Availability will be affected.  In all likelihood, so will my productivity and maybe my sanity.  Yikes!  :) 

My normal office hours will be a loose guideline of when I am available.  Some days I may be available less due to circumstances beyond my control (internet,  most likely).  Thank you for your understanding in this time.  My evenings and weekends are busier than ever, and more chaotic.  I will not return phone calls until the next business day.  

Most normal contact me methods work- However, I will only be checking my mail in Ferndale about once a week or so.  If you need to mail something to me quicker (or need it to be signed for) please email me at [email protected] for my home address for a secure delivery.  Thank you!