Brand Strategy
Solid foundations to build on

Brand Strategy = Brand Consistency

What do I mean when I say brand strategy?  At it’s very core. a strategy details what you want something to do or to accomplish.  A brand strategy then, is a plan for what you want your brand to accomplish.  When you have that nailed down, it makes everything else fall into place more easily.

Your  brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. As Marty Neumeier states, “Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is” – meaning your customers and the public ultimately control what your brand truly is.

The touchpoints your customer and the public has with your company help create that brand – so that includes your logo, color palette and slogan, but also the day-to-day interactions you have with your market such as:

  • The images you convey
  • The messages you deliver on your website, proposals and campaigns
  • The way your employees interact with customers
  • A customer’s opinion of you versus your competition
What happens if these don’t align?  Well, the worst case is that you fail to communicate what value you have to offer to the customer, and you don’t make the sale.  In other words, your brilliance is hidden, and your brand is lost in the crowd, anonymous and forgotten.  That’s something no company really wants.  

Let me be your brand guide

I know from experience that answering these questions and building this strategy alone can be more difficult that it first appears.  However, my background in psychology, as well as recent training in brand strategy itself makes me particularly poised to help you make the impact you deserve, and get the customers you need. 

Personalized Process

Communication and interviews help us get a clear picture of you, your preferences, the personality of your company and your brand.  I help you develop a strategy and use that strategy to develop the perfect visuals for your company’s brand style. 

Brand Strategy Process

  • Brand Development Interviews: This is my chance to get to know you and your brand and get a feel for the personality that I will be trying to capture for you.
  • Custom Mood Board: created collaboratively, the mood board captures the overall feel and personality of your brand before the design process begins to make sure we are on the same page for the direction of your design.
  • Logo Design: Three (3) or four (4) fully- designed primary logos on the first round of revisions.  These concepts will be reviewed by you and one (1) of these concepts will be fully developed through final revisions.  Initial logos are developed in black and white – to ensure they are robust in design and eliminate the possibility of color distracting from decisions.  Final designs introduce color palettes. I revise until you are fully satisfied.
  • Full PDF Brand Guide: This includes a guide detailing how to use your  logo, brand typography choices for headers and body text, a list of your brand colors in Hex, RGB, and CMYK formats, logo variation options including various color choices and a summary of the brand positioning and objective data gathered in our interview(s).  An example of Brilliant Blue’s document can be found HERE.
  • Deliverable File Types:  You will receive shared access to all of your files including high-quality PNGs (300ppi, print), low-quality PNGs (72 ppi, web), EPS files (vectors), and PDF files (for printing).
  • In the deluxe packages-  website consistent with your brand will also be created.  You will be advised about how your brand message is being delivered in this digital space- and if your main call to action is being presented optimally.  On brand social media packages may also be available.
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