The Trainer’s Table – Start Up Branding

The Customer

Fresh approach to massage and sports medicine

The Trainer’s Table is a different approach to sports massage therapy, targeting non-traditional massage clients by catering to their needs and purchasing habits. The business model is based around the gap between services provided by traditional massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists for the casual athlete.

The primary service of The Trainer’s Table is a 20 minute no-appointment, walk-in, clothes on, open room, pre/post workout, facilitated stretching routine, using Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitated (PNF) stretching, compression, traction, range of motion joint mobilization, active and passive trigger-point modalities and other. Longer sessions, including private room, are available through appointment only.

The Brief

Start up Branding and Website Design

Typical customer : Primarily the casual athlete, but not to exclude the 30-50+ year old professional with aches and pains from inactivity or just joining a gym.

No direct competitors were noted although the population would also potentially be choosing to go to traditional services like chiropractors, traditional massage therapists and physical therapists.  These individuals would likely be frequenting establishments like Orangetheory as well as established gyms like PlanetFitness.

The customer stated a preference for a feel similar to SportsClips in simplicity and color contrast.  Some way to incorporate massage table or stretching into the logo was discussed/preferred.  


The Challenge

Contrasting ideas and complicated forms

Generally speaking, massage tables are not the most adaptable and iconic of shapes when it comes to developing a logo, so the incorporation of the table shape presented a particular challenge.  While developing the logo, “The” became more important to include as well – adding some complexity to the wordmark development.  The color palette needed to be both relaxing and dynamic – to fit sports and stretching (In general, we were trying to express contrasting ideas- release of tension and the ability to be back into the game in the matter of moments).  

The Results

Powerful wordmark balanced by an organic logo

The Trainer’s Table logo is a logo in two parts.  One part is the wordmark which consists of “The Trainer’s” on top of “Table” where the T is stylistically forming a tabletop. This portion of the logo is strong, dynamic, and powerful.  It taps into that sport feeling.   The logo icon shape is two human figures who are, of course, stretching – but also forming a double T shape – within the traditional badge circle – sending that subliminal message of harmony, relaxation and protection that is so often sent with round logos.    Together, they find that balance the company was seeking – while each can be used on their own for their own purposes.

“Jamie is fantastic to work with and after a brief description of my business and what I am trying to convey to customers, she created a logo that I consistently get compliments on. I used it on my website and all marketing material including shirts, which seem to be very popular. The website far surpassed my expectations as well.” -Patrick Mammay

At a Glance

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